Friday, July 21, 2017

Trade Post

A few days ago a trading bud. Bob D. posted he had some 2017 Topps inserts up for the grabbing. I .chimed in and here is what I got.

These are all keepers except for the duplicate Max, which is actually a triplicate. It was a boo boo to scan it, but it does remind me that in the first scan above all were doubles except for the Miggy and Freddie. Not doubles that I already had, but doubles Bob sent so that the Independence Day cards can go in my Holiday Binder, which is great!.


These are the inserts that I am not keeping. At least not as part of my collection, they will sit in the trade boxes known as inserts and parallels which I probably have 10K or so. I really need to get shed of these, but more importantly would be to shed the 100,000 cards in the dupes/trade boxes sitting in Ocala. Speaking of card dumps, I just unloaded quite a few packages here at the Valdosta Post Office.
Many of you folks out there will be receiving a Christmas in July package Mondayish. I am still working on a a few more that I have to get out yet.  Have a great weekend!

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