Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 A & G

I told myself that I wouldn't, but I did anyways. I just couldn't hold back from checking the shelves at Wall World, and low behold 3 blasters of A & G. No, I'm not going to run the base this go around, just the inserts, Braves of course, and other Keepers, and a some to trade.

Go figure, I pulled these Braves. I had just ordered my Braves from JC, the day before. Another reason not to get the blasters. I told myself I was no longer going to set build them, you know cut back on some of the "off" flagship sets.

Some fish/lures and info for you. these are already on their way to a trader.

as are these.

These minis are yet to be decided where they should go, just not in my collection.

the backs for you to read.

More mini's available for trade.

These are keepers for my PC binders.

I grabbed 3 blasters and got 2 so called hits.

These are some more base and mini cards that are duplicates (base) going into the PC binders.

That's all folks!


  1. Ginter blahs for me. I do however, love the What a Days. I can't decide whether to collect the set or just my fave players. Great design and so colorful! These are nice binder cards! You pulled a few good ones!

  2. If you need a home for the horse and/or literary inserts, you have my address. And I received your latest package in the mail today, thanks so much!

  3. I'm not the biggest fan of this year's base card design... but I enjoy the insert sets and of course the framed relics and autographs.