Saturday, July 8, 2017

P-Town trade

Not long ago I posted some of the 2017 Archives, and I had pulled a double Kris Bryant retail
coin, Tom reached out, and I sent it and some other Cubbies his way. He returned fire with a padded bubble mailer of his own.

These are just a few of the cards Tom sent my way, and I needed them all.

Silver parallel.

Gold Rush.

Toy's R Us Rookies.

Came with it's Treat certification.

Green parallel.

A very heavy Medallion.  Tom also sent a Spahn MLB Debut, but I did have that one.

Wrapping up the highlights with this very shiny autograph of Darrell Evans. As a kid (back when you listened to the Braves games on radio when they weren't on t.v.) I remember Mr. Evans, a couple of my girl cousins had a crush on him.  Another  note from my childhood, you could sit in the nose bleeds at Fulton County Stadium for a a buck fifty sometimes for the same price field level all the way down right field line.  Try that these days........