Monday, July 17, 2017


Okay, so I was at Wally World and as usual I stopped by the card isle. 2 Blasters of TSC calling my name. Now before I show both boxes in their entirety, I must say the boxes contain just 40 cards each. That's .50 a card.

The jumbo packs (12 cards each) WoW. were $5.98. Remember when a jumbo pack was like 40 cards? Nowadays that's a blaster. Dang how things have changed.

Here goes Box 1:

Up first we have the 1 and only Braves I pulled from the 8 packs, a Gold Foil, Black Foil, and Power Zone. The Brave and Cano are the only keepers here.

Now the vertical inserts/parallels. Two keepers here too, the Gold Ichiro, and Rizzo.  Now for the base cards (I like usual haven't checked to see if any were variations, oh yeah retail doesn't have any SPs).

Box 1 was loaded with horizontal cards (more than half), I'm looking and hoping box 2 is different. Trumbo hits the mini collections. There's bat barrel Nick may want to find.

Thats it for the upright cards. Moving on to

Box 2:

Same number of inserts, but only 1 was horizontal, liking this box so much better. Add in Chipper Gold Brooks, another Rizzo, and Altuve and the same number of keepers. The Hazelbaker is a Rainbow foil.

25/25. And you can see the card backs.

Bell hits my mini collections, and that Mattingly looks cool.

Love the clock.

I like the 2nd box better. Well, here's to hoping they busted a bunch of this set at my next card show, and I can pick up a bunch for a dime.


  1. I was hoping I would find a few dealers who had busted some at the card show I attended yesterday. Nope. No luck.
    Hopefully your luck will be better.
    Thanks for showing the two blasters.

  2. so refreshing to see new shots of retired players. Mattingly is cool and I love Brooks!

  3. Damn that is a GREAT under used photo of the uni Robinson is wearing. 71 & 72 were the only years for the mono orange look.

  4. I opened a blaster and a few rack packs of Stadium Club last week and pulled a few of the same cards you did here, including the Big Papi -- which continues his run of great SC shots.

  5. Design looks like the last couple of years that Fleer Ultra was issued

  6. Great stuff as usual from Topps. I love the action shots with all limbs intact (like Cingrani and Blach. Unfortunately... the 50¢ breakdown is kind of ridiculous.

  7. I love this brand so much!

    And I may have been present when that Ichiro photo was snapped.