Friday, July 7, 2017

The rest of the......

Okay, as I mentioned yesterday my focus was stay with the cheap stuff. I strayed a bit.

Not on this auto. I got it for a buck, as it is not certified verified or anything and it was from a dealer I've spent a lot with this year.  But he and I both agree it looks legit, it was in a box of vintage cards he bought at the show and I got to go through it before he did, yeah me. Either way, a buck!

Okay, this one is tad rough, but the price was right in my alley.

In fact, I picked up this trio for a total of $30.00. So far, I've stuck to my guns.

Now, the McCovey RC might have pushed the limit, but I found this one for a mere $19.00. I have no idea why, it looks great to me. The other  Cup card (both needed for that mini collection) was a buck.

Even this Mantle to cross the line at $18.00

But this one did. Even with the pin holes specifically and exclusively on the Mick himself (somebody obviously didn't care for him). Even though I dropped some coin on this one I still consider it to be on the cheap. I scanned this card Tuesday night when I got back to Georgia, low & behold while reading blogs, Brian (HSCA) posted a graded version of this card that very night.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Great pick ups Johnny. Any t206 is a great card

  2. A buck for that Stargell!! That's gotta almost be the find of the year.

  3. Muy incrediable!

    I agree with Mike that the '56 Mantle is his creepiest card.. he looks like a ventriloquist dummy.. but still gotta respect a good deal on it. Nice haul!

  4. Nice! The McCovey RC and Mantle are both on my dream want list. Not sure if I'll ever own either of them but a guy can hope.

  5. Wow... those are some nice vintage pickups. Especially jealous of the Mantle.

  6. Your Leifield is in far superior condition to mine! Nice pickup!