Friday, July 28, 2017

Less than a Lincoln

I haven't posted one of these in a very long time.

I won an auction over at the Bay for a group of Braves cards for $1.31 plus $2.75 shipping.

The Dansby is what caught my eye, even though I knew I didn't need it. I have it for my team set, and I decided I wasn't going to build the Finest sets any longer. I will be breaking the ones I have up whenever I'm back home. But either way, the Dansby will set you back $2.25 on Just Commons right now so that card alone was worth the winning bid. I needed the blue Freeman, so the cheapest Blue Refractor on JC is $3.50 so that one makes it all around a win for me.

But, there were more cards. I needed this one too.

This one I don't need as it is a LA card, not a Braves. Go figure.

I didn't need this one either. (That's my scanner bed mark).

I needed this one.

and both of these were needed as well.

Didn't need this one. But with the 5 needs above plus the Dansby I was feeling pretty good, but yet it wouldn't have been enough for me to put in a low bid.

The Braves Stadium Club even though I didn't need them did push me to throw in a bid.

There you have lots of great Braves cards for less than a Lincoln delivered!.

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