Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Mini

I have way too many "mini" collections. In the past I've cleared these out or at least thinned them down a bit. It is Famous Names or Names binder. Where I take an athlete that shares a somewhat same name as another celebrity be it an athlete or not. Sometimes though it is super difficult to find a trading card for the counterpart and I must rely on others for help. One such person is none other than Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. He helps out with some customs.

Customs like these. One of these days in the not so far future I will post the complete binder.

Gavin does a fine job, front and back and I put all my faith in his own creativity to whatever design he chooses.

When I do scan up this binder which is already full, and I only have half of the cards that I need it will take many consecutive posts. I still have a lot of cards to obtain that are out there.

And a handful more customs (fingers crossed) that I've realized I will eventually need.

This was a great movie, educational you might say. (RE: the first 2 Charlie Wilson's above)

How cool would it have been if the 3rd Charlie wrote or played the one of the songs for the movie?

Another great movie.

And look Gavin gave it a 1/1.

That's right folks Howard Johnson was a restaurant before it was a hotel or baseball player.

More from Gavin tomorrow.  Thank G-Man, I really appreciated this.


  1. No problem. My wife thinks I'm pretty weird when she enters the room and I'm working on these cards for you. LOL

    Looks like the Chris Gardner card got smudged.. or is it just your scanner? If you need another copy, let me know.. but since that one is a "1/1" I'd need to make the new copy some sort of parallel. ha

    1. It's not the card, so it's the scanner bed or the penny sleeve. You have an easy out with the wife, just say John's the weird one, lol.Thanks again. Next time I go home I'm grabbing that binder and all of my unsorted stacks of mini collection cards so I can work on that one.

  2. A Paul Mitchell rookie card? Sweet! I grew up using his shampoo.