Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shadow Shots

Gonna have to haul some cards back to Florida in a week. I have to run 3 shoe boxes and 37 400-800 count boxes back home plus a few odds and ends that I picked up last Saturday. Got them sorted and down to tonight to have the set builds updated (just 5 or so sets to update tonight). No worries, as I have 26 trade stacks plus close to 2000 cards to throw into those stacks. I am going to have one heck of a mail day when I get to those. Down to just a handful (50ish) of Braves inserts to log into the Excel sheets, then along with another 50ish remove from my want lists on the webpage and they too will be caught up. Just in time for the July 1st card show, sweet-----reload. Now that I'm done rambling about updating my sh um stuff, let's look at a few Shadows shall we?


Sam Snead.

One of those long lighter things, that or a gas nozzle. Well it could be an air nozzle too.

Barring the damage just a great shadow, love the ball.

Have a great weekend! What's left anyhow.

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