Thursday, June 22, 2017

Round 8 (from the card show)

I'm getting close to the end of the card show scans. It's just not today, or even the next round.

I grabbed a bit more vintage this go around, like these 3 1954 Bowman.

Picked up a bunch more of the 1977 Cloth Stickers.

Most of these 1957 Topps are high #s.

These 58's too.

Just a few of these.

Look how clean those checklists are. In fact you'll see many of those. Needed Brave, Trophy Cup, and Felipe.

A LaRussa RC.

See what I meant by seeing more clean checklists.  A Davey Johnson RC.

Knocking out a handful of 72's.

Including a lot of the Stars.

What bugs me about this set, is crap like this. Hank Aaron write up on the back of Reggie Jackson card. At least I think it was Reggie's card. That's cheating, and creates a dilemma for me as a team collector. I have to include this card (back) in the team set build, I just have too!

A few big names.

Parker RC amidst the other big names.

That wraps up this round... You might be surprised with the next round or two.