Thursday, June 15, 2017

Round 6

Hey we're back to more great cardboard from the June 3rd card show.

I picked up some 1960 Leaf.

Moryn is creased pretty good, but hey it's not your everyday baseball card.

How about these 1961 Golden Press Super Stars.

1961 Fleer.

1960 Fleer. These early Fleer are a great way to own some HOFers.

The 60s have interesting backs. I like the nicknames.

Mr. Rickey has a couple of wrinkles, but I don't mind. Watching "42" as I am writing this post.

That's enough for today, more "goodies" tomorrow. Come back hungry!


  1. 1960 Leaf! Awesome. I am looking for the Elmer Valo from that set, it is unfortunately a short print / high number.
    Don't see many cards from the in MN too often.

    The Golden Press are beauties, too!

  2. Love the Golden Press cards, and I spy a couple old-time Short Term Stops in those Fleer Greats that I have yet to find for my collection with the Red Ruffing (White Sox, 9 games) and Hack Wilson (Phillies, 7 games).

  3. Great card show haul! I really like that action shot on the 61F Home Run Baker.