Sunday, June 11, 2017

Shadow Shots

Have you ever found yourself staring at a baseball card? I do, in fact there was a time when I was looking for any reason whatsoever to keep a card. When I started this blog I mainly trying to add to my John Elway collection and almost immediately found my self all caught in baseball cards again. Before I knew it I must have had a hundred different "mini" collections which after two years I trimmed down to the dozen or so I have now, which I have updated in over a year, 2 in many cases. Now, don't get me wrong I have stacks for them all over my home in FL, and they are starting to pile up here in GA too. I'll be doing some trimming soon. Y'all should know by now what that means.....

This month I will let you folks decide if you see something in the shadows.  So let it be known what you see or imagine........

Okay, I've got to say what I see here..... an aging crow no longer able to fly and is just walking around head down, lol. Your turn.

a tough one

go for it. Who will come up with the best sighting.....?


  1. Rogelio card.. I see a garden hose sprayer nozzle.

  2. Rogelio card...I see a young Arnold Schwarzenegger posing in a Mr. Universe competition.

  3. I see a bird on the Mike Scott one.

  4. Fosse = part of a brachiosaurus neck

    Moret = music note

    Scott = cockroach

    Hernandez = seven

    Marshall = seahorse