Saturday, June 10, 2017

Round 5

We just keep rolling along with more cards that I may never get to sorting and checking.

More for the PC, and I am pretty darn sure I didn't have these Mantle's before.

Before you go and get all giddy, these are not real cards, in fact they are stickers. Once I seen these in this dealer's $1.00 box (which I would up paying a bit less than .50 a card) I knew I had run into him and a card show near my FL home (The Villages card show).

I bought some off of him before, just don't remember which ones. So a few of these stickers may actually be TRUE extras... Just saying Pirates fans. lol.

I definitely wasn't paying attention to what I grabbed from this dealer (same one I scooped the graded Mantle from).

Although I won't complain about a Lou Gehrig Quad!

Pretty sure these Heritage and Ted Williams are new to me.

Tomorrow should be Shadow Shots, followed by the Archives box comparison. I'll bring some of the vintage grabs from the card show (6/3) when we do Round 6.

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