Monday, June 5, 2017

Another month, lots of goodies!

As is my normal this year I journeyed eastward 2 hours to a card show in Jax., FL. this past Saturday. I came home with goodies. I'm gonna have to break it up into many posts.

 Starting out again as per my usual with the Braves that are new to my collection. What's great is I also have a starter set of 59's (234 cards) that came in today and these 2 were in there too. More on the set build another day.

Never heard of this guy before I brought the card home. At least I don't remember hearing of him. › MLB Players › K Listing
Career: 13 HR, .232 BA, 69 RBI, PH/3B/2B, Indians/Athletics/... 1958-1970, b:L/t:R, born in PA 1939.

Louis Stephen Klimchock is an American former professional baseball infielder. He played 12 seasons in Major League Baseball for the Kansas City Athletics, Milwaukee Braves, Washington Senators, New York Mets, and Cleveland Indians. Wikipedia

BornOctober 15, 1939 (age 77), Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, PA

A nice high number for the Braves team sets.

This one I have no idea how I didn't have one already...........

So I grabbed a few of them. I need one for the team (done), need one for the set build (done), one for the AAron PC (done). I also need one for the Mantle PC which I may or may not have grabbed one for that too.

1950 Bowman Sam Jethroe RC!  There are 2 versions of this card, one with the copyright and one without. This one is without. It is creased and scuffed but I don't care.

A couple of 1951 Bowman's I needed.

A little of everything here including a 1962 Topps stamp. I'm not sure what that laminated Rico Carty is. I meant to scan the back. I also grabbed a Killebrew which you can see on another day and I scanned the back on that one.

Several more that I don't know why I didn't have them already. No, not the 1960 Leaf I knew I didn't have them. What is cool about that pair is that there are 2 versions which neither of these are the variation. More interesting is that these are the only 2 Braves that have the variation (close up head shot).  Joe Jay is sporting a crease, but hey having a card is better than not having one.

My first 2017 Archives card (Ruiz). There was a time when I had the complete 45 card set of The Big Show and the complete World Headquarters parallel.

And finishing off the Braves is this.......

I'm really not sure what this is or rather if it is real. The pin/button was attached to the card. But hey it was new to me.

That wraps up round 1 of this months "regular" card show.


  1. Great stuff! And I agree with N.O....beautiful Bowmans.

  2. If you have to fill out the date how can that card be proof you were there? Still a cool collectible though