Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Round 2

Yo-Yo Day, D-Day, nah we're going with some vintage pick ups from last Saturday.

 Found this digging through the vintage bargain boxes. Prices very in this guys boxes anywhere from $1.00 to $50.00. But this is the first time I've every seen a FREE card, Killebrew, even if I don't need it MINE!

Okay that Honus is a "official" reprint.  The other one is real though and so far I am keeping my pace on building the T206 collection.

Not really a vintage card, but hey......Mattingly RC, 1 less on the set build.

Now that is a vintage card. Beautiful card.

This one came from a different vendor. I can't stand graded cards, so either I am going to have to break this one out of its' prison or I am going to have to trade for another one (raw) with some extras thrown in.

Centering just killed the grade here.