Friday, June 30, 2017


Okay, a cheesy cliche, but oh well. I recently made BIN on Ebay for a complete set of something. I had them shipped to me in Georgia rather than Florida so I could LOOK at them and of course make sure it was indeed complete. For now, I'll say the set was complete. But, it what I didn't expect that blew me away. I've received "extras" from folks numerous times.  This is just the highlights, I'm showing. You see the complete set was just a 100 card set, the seller put them in a 400 count box, and then almost filled with "extras". I'd say 200-250 extras.

Raines (birthday binder) buyback, Kershaw, Dansby.......

Bryant, Braun, and Altuve, the extras were mainly 2017 Series 1 but look at these. I'd say some nice extras. I have no idea how I got that card upside down, oops.

The seller put in these too. That Spalding goes into the Braves Binders, yes sir jimbob!

Vintage Laughlin.  Now what was the set I bought?

These are just the listed cards plus a few Braves and Yount minus Seaver. I chose to include Yount over Seaver for the 18 cards I scanned. I picked up this COMPLETE 100 card set of Archives Reserve for just a quarter a card plus shipping. Considering that nearly a dozen of these book at $10.00 (set books for $60) I figure I win.  Now, I need to complete the 2002 set. Tomorrow is show day. I hope I do well as I am going to attempt to stick to the cheap seats if you know what I mean. Have a great weekend!