Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trade Post

A couple of trades to post about.

First up is a surprise from Brian over at HS & CA.    HS & CA Blog

Brian threw these up for trade a couple weeks back, and I jumped on them for the set build.

He also threw in a Falcon (for my brother) and a few Braves. thanks Brian, got one heading your way today.

Next up is a package from Duane Democratic Roadkill    Duane's blog

Some GQ mini Braves. Duane had reached out to lmk he was sending some cards my way.

A few A & G minis, but the best part was...........................

A pair of 1956 Topps Braves. Yeah...  Thanks Duane your package left out today as well.


  1. always glad when excess cardboard finds a loving home!!

    1. ME TOO! In fact, those 2 56' made me have to redo my want list for them as I apparently didn't have some needs listed.