Monday, September 12, 2016

Trade Post

Just giving a shout out to a few traders that sent me some cards.

First up is Capn Kirk, commented on the last Olympic post I did having the 2 cards i said I wanted extras of and he sent them. Thanks.

Next we thank a few OCTers Len the leader sent 37 hits for my set builds including 19 for the 1991 Stadium Club. Slowly but surely getting that one done. Jimi for 11 hits to the 84 Donruss build, and Jim Chapman for knocking my 1984 Topps set build down to just one card #695 plus a second PWE with 5 1980 Topps and 1 76 Topps. OCTer Nick sent some Braves too knocking out a few team sets.

Thanks Guys all around.


  1. I can send you that 84 Topps #695. Is your 91 Stadium Club wantlist up to date?

    1. Hey Bo, cool and yes the 91 TSC is currently up to date.