Sunday, September 4, 2016

As promised

A couple of weeks I asked readers if they wanted to see more Olympic cards (not the newly released Topps set) and a few said yes. Here is one set. 90 cards Hall of Fame set.

I see Tarzan. Locally he played in the Silver River where they filmed many of the Tarzan TV shows.

I want another one of the Charles Daniels so I can put one in my Names Binder.

Gonna need another one of those Miller's too.

The next set I have is a small one.

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  1. I got this set way back when. I chased the dang thing when it came out have tons of dupes. I forget how many packs I went through. I think I got a full box and then went from there. It took me I forget how long to get the last card that was eluding me The Peggy Fleming. I always want to say Dorothy Hamill but she isn't in this set.