Friday, September 2, 2016

Safe and Sound.

Great news, I'm safe and sound. the worst BANS went north and south of me. I'm happy. Still pretty windy but the temperature was down about 10 degrees so that was cool. You know what else is cool?
Cards, but not just any cards.......Baseball cards.  Remember early in the week I mentioned OCT Bob sent a second box?  Here is part 1 of that box.

A & G Inserts, all of these are available.

A complete team sets for some Yankees farm club. These I'm holding for Kenny (Zippy Zappy), just need his addy.

Next up are the inserts and oddballs that have already been earmarked to a special box for the Super Traders ( I really need to get off my ass and send some packages out).

So are these.

These too.

These too. the bottom two rows are still attached to each other, cool.

This next group is for my PCs.

That's Roger Clemens in the sealed mini pack. I think this is a great place to leave off for a Friday night, be safe and have a great time doing it.


  1. I'd jump on those Ginters at the top if you want to throw them in a PWE. I still have a LOT I owe you from that massive box you sent me. It might take a few years, though.

    1. Done. RE: the box...He he. Just drop a vintage or two in a PWE every now and then. Updating (adding the missing sets) the TOPPS set builds as I type this reply..

  2. Glad you made it through safe and sound.