Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dusty Baker

Before I start with the the newest Dusty Baker cards for the PC, I thought I would give you an advance notice about a change to this blog. A couple years back, I used to run a Monday "mini" theme where I highlighted some of my many mini collections. I will still do that with those collections from time to time but not on Mondays. More about what Mondays will be tomorrow. 

Sending out thanks to all for guessing at that dealer buy out. Congrats again go out to Jeff Jones for coming within a buck!

I wasn't able to add but 9 new cards to the Baker PC, most of his cards that I got went into set builds or a Braves team set. Notice how there isn't a Brave above.  In time his PC will grow as they all seem to do. Collecting is great!

New total= 31.

Heading out to lunch with my sister today (for my birthday). My oldest daughter drove 4.5 hours (each way) to take me to lunch and dinner for my birthday and we went to an auction in between. Didn't buy any cards, didn't see any. Still a great birthday for sure.


  1. That's pretty awesome that your daughter drove 4.5 hours to hang out with you, eat lunch, go to an auction, and then out to dinner. It's not often that I regret not having kids, but today I do. Happy birthday!