Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Odds and Ends. (Buy Out stuff)

Let's see what oddities we come up with today.

When I first brought that buyout home (numerous trips) I believed it was 75/25 sports/non sports. i was wrong, It is almost 50/50.  Please keep in mind when viewing the non sports stuff (over the next few years) it is ALL available for trade. Well most of it is anyways. I'll let ya know when it isn't.

 Just a couple of samples from the SETS of  Alf cards.  Notice i chose Georgia and Florida. My lifetime roots.

I have 10 unopened packs of these that I didn't send with BOB,  I will open them, I'm curious. I will say before I do that I seen some pretty stupid stuff in a few of the sets and I hope these cards aren't those.

Have you ever wondered what a motion card looks like without the coating?

Here is the same card without the coating cover.  yeah no big deal. this one has since been placed in the trash. How about some baseball cards? Sort of.

I'm sure I had the entire set of these when I got them, but I wasn;t paying attention and pulled cards for fellow bloggers and the Braves too.

These are the backs from 1981 Fleer Logo sticker cards. I think I may poke through the tons of stacks laying around here to find the others.

Pretty cool subset.

Good stuff.


  1. I have a few of those All-Star Game stickers. Not nearly as many as those, but I should post about them some day.

  2. Obligatory....