Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shadow Shots

Gonna have to haul some cards back to Florida in a week. I have to run 3 shoe boxes and 37 400-800 count boxes back home plus a few odds and ends that I picked up last Saturday. Got them sorted and down to tonight to have the set builds updated (just 5 or so sets to update tonight). No worries, as I have 26 trade stacks plus close to 2000 cards to throw into those stacks. I am going to have one heck of a mail day when I get to those. Down to just a handful (50ish) of Braves inserts to log into the Excel sheets, then along with another 50ish remove from my want lists on the webpage and they too will be caught up. Just in time for the July 1st card show, sweet-----reload. Now that I'm done rambling about updating my sh um stuff, let's look at a few Shadows shall we?


Sam Snead.

One of those long lighter things, that or a gas nozzle. Well it could be an air nozzle too.

Barring the damage just a great shadow, love the ball.

Have a great weekend! What's left anyhow.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Round NINE (For Music lovers)

How many of these do I have? just this one and one more I think.

I grabbed a stack of KISS cards. When I was younger I had every LP. Even watched that Movie, remember it?

Most of the card backs have a puzzle piece.

70's & 80's rock not your bag man.........

Not near mint by any means, but hey it's the Beatles.

Got so many of these I put a set build want list  (MISC).

Just one more round.......I wonder what it will be..,,,?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Round 8 (from the card show)

I'm getting close to the end of the card show scans. It's just not today, or even the next round.

I grabbed a bit more vintage this go around, like these 3 1954 Bowman.

Picked up a bunch more of the 1977 Cloth Stickers.

Most of these 1957 Topps are high #s.

These 58's too.

Just a few of these.

Look how clean those checklists are. In fact you'll see many of those. Needed Brave, Trophy Cup, and Felipe.

A LaRussa RC.

See what I meant by seeing more clean checklists.  A Davey Johnson RC.

Knocking out a handful of 72's.

Including a lot of the Stars.

What bugs me about this set, is crap like this. Hank Aaron write up on the back of Reggie Jackson card. At least I think it was Reggie's card. That's cheating, and creates a dilemma for me as a team collector. I have to include this card (back) in the team set build, I just have too!

A few big names.

Parker RC amidst the other big names.

That wraps up this round... You might be surprised with the next round or two.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wacky Wednesday ANS 9

New run of Wacky Packages.



Another puzzle.

I'm going to do ANS 9 in 3 posts.  Posting this one early today as I'm taking my uncle to a Shriner's meeting tonight, it's been along time since he was able to attend a meeting.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Archives round 2

Yep, I went ahead and grabbed 3 more blasters of Archives. Much the same as I did before with the other three, I have scanned the "best of" and then just the best cards from each of the three sets.  Here they are for you to once again choose which box you think was better without the excessive clutter of all of the cards.

Box 1:

Yes an on card auto of the Penguin.  But absolutley zero Braves!

Sweet I now have Cueto for the Bubble Gum binder.

Box 2:  

2 Jeter's, 4 Braves, 1 pink, and an on card auto. More of my kind of box.

Box 3:

3 Braves, couple of inserts and a Jeter.  Box 2 was the best hits for my collections.

There are the 3 boxes, and here are the coins.

Sweet Dansby, and an extra Bryant.