Saturday, February 11, 2023

Masonic Monday.... FREE STUFF TOO

 Wowzers. Bo won again (back to back) and three times in one week.

With Presidents day next Monday I figured I would do a pre-lim post after all George Washington made 4 of the covers that I have. Not all of the articles are what we have been seeing this year. What I am going to do tonight is the short one plus what I would normally do on President's Day. Next week will be one of the full article/tidbits from a different cover.

George depicted wearing his Mason apron.

Okay now for the lengthy portion of the upcoming President's day celebration on this blog. Get your popcorn and something to drink. 

Just kidding, I will be breaking up my "Presidents Collection" over the course of the entire week leading up to the big day, and maybe finishing it off with a bang next Monday President's Day.

This is obviously a place mat that ended with GW Bush. (look back a couple of scans).

Below are the individual photos and the write up on the back in reverse order  (of those on the mat). There will be plenty of the other guys in the upcoming posts. You might learn something that you didn't know. I did.

Ronnie's back is missing and is supplemented with this.

Did you know that?

4 Term President.

Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th President.

That is a tidbit. Did you catch that? The first lady was the president's sister, not his wife. I didn't check any of the others above, but I caught it here and thought that I would mention it. I had no idea. I am going back to check those, and will note the one below that came before.

Daughter is First lady.  Also noting that he was Lincoln's 2nd term VP, and was a Democrat.

The Republican party is formed, and thus the political parties as we know today still intact.  

Niece as 1st Lady. Here I get it, he was never married.

Another one.

4 in a row!

Whig vs Democratic party appears here. Also the third in a row of non-wife 1st ladies.

The 2nd non-wife 1st Lady. 

Here we see the first non wife First Lady, as well as a split of Democratic-Republican party.

Here is where the political split began from Federlist to the Democratic-Reublican (notice they were one and the same back then).


  1. Thank you!

    "First President in the history of the world." Can't overestimate the importance of this. Incredibly important to show that the "American experiment" could succeed, and he was immensely successful both as a leader and as a role model for future leaders in the US and elsewhere.

  2. Loads and loads of history. Looking forward to more.

  3. As a kid I loved baseball, baseball cards, American History, and anything about our Presidents, especially Lincoln, and the Civil War.

    Good Job! 👍

  4. Fantastic information even for non-historical buffs like me. I never realized there were First Ladys that were not the Presidents' wives.

  5. Thanks for the history lesson! Interesting about the first ladies

  6. Very cool! Had to look up Arthur since I thought he was the bachelor president. Didn't know the First Lady rules of going to sisters and nieces and such. And the Clinton trivia about hiring seems odd to include, but that's just me.

  7. Bo knows winning. Congratulations Bo!

    P.S. Awesome President cards!