Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Another completed set.

The winner last night was: Fuji

This completed set is the 2022 Finest Flashbacks set. All 200 base cards (not any of the SPs). I do want the SP's feel free to send them my way x2. LOL.

Dansby is sporting one of my all time favorite Braves uniforms. Those throwbacks can be sweet.

I love it when a Brave makes the centerpiece, especially when another Brave took spot #1. The Braves are not the first team in this set to double up on 1 page.

Max Fried in the middle.

Another great page, and not because it shows the same image of Pache that Fuji used tonight. Not Mr. Austin Riley makes this a great page for me.

Ian Anderson pulls a top row card.

Braves doubling up on that top row center card again.

Kyle sliding into spot #1 works for me.

Three Braves on one page, terrific. And the first team to do that as well.

Rosario must have nailed a homer with that grin.


Homework time. The Braves were the first team with two and three players on a 9 card page. 

Bonus freebie  #1: Name all of the other teams to get multiple players on a page.

Bonus freebie #2: What team had the most multi player pages?

The first to answer correctly #2 will get a free vintage card or two.

Everyone that gets the answers to #1 correct will win cards too.

Happy February 1st.


  1. Two Twins on page 1. Though it looks like Correa's uniform was photoshopped.

  2. I'm heading out fishing with my son, so don't have time to take a crack at the freebies. This set looks nice, but I am really down on recreating sets from the past. Seems like most of the hobby these days is knock-off of old sets. Also, do the SPs look any different? I'd pick them up for you if I saw them, but if they don't look different, it'd be tough for me to notice them.

    1. Pretty sure the SP's are the same other than they are numbers 201+

  3. Hey man, my work break is only so long ... Dodgers and Twins?

    I've barely heard of this set and you have it complete.

  4. I see twins on #1, cardinals #7, mets #8, Angels #9, Phillies #10, white sox #10, Nationals #11, Astros, Jays, Phillies #12, white sox #13, reds, white sox #14, white sox, Braves #15, (I think I lost track of page numbers here) Dodgers #17, Brewers #18, Phillies #19, red sox, Nationals #20, Dodgers, red sox #21

    So that makes it the White Sox with the most multiplayer pages with 4.

    Even if I don't win, that was fun!

  5. Twins, Pirates, Braves, Cardinals, Mets, Angels, White Sox, Phillies, Jays, Astros, reds,white Sox Yankees, brewers, Nats, dodgers, Red Sox we’re listed with the White Sox coming up three times

  6. 1. Twins, Pirates, Mets, Angels, White Sox, Marlins, Phillies, Blue Jays, Astros, Yankees, Brewers, Dodgers.
    2. Dodgers
    Nice cards and actions shots.

  7. I'm way too tired to do homework, but I will leave a few thoughts down in the comment section;

    #1: Pache is not amused that Topps continues to use this photo of him.

    #2: This is a pretty cool set. I'm guessing it was a pack issued product, since there were 200+ cards with SP's.

    #3: Although I didn't keep track of other teams, I didn't see the Padres show up more than once on any given page... and I don't think I saw the A's show up more than once in the entire set. Maybe they have 4 SP's :D

  8. That's a nice looking set. I saw Twins page 1 and Pirates on Page 2 but that was from memory