Friday, December 30, 2022

Surprise part two plus the almost daily giveaway.

 Last night's winner was: Tom.....

I have no idea how is doing these back to back'ers of late. That is 3 is basically the last week.

Moving right to the oddballs from the surprise package I got.

You'll notice the same but different cards of Tommy Holmes. 

The backs of the main set is BLUE whereas the different Holmes is in BLACK. I believe TCDB lists one of these sets as All Time Braves and the other as just Braves Greats even though the front says All Time Braves as well. I'll do more research this weekend. I'm positive that I have my needs lists correct in which is which other than the Holmes, but now for sure I have both. I also needed the Upshaw and Millan cards for the ATB set. After I go back through TCDB I will update my want lists accordingly.

I really do like these older TCMA sets. From the above row I needed 1987 TCMA Baseball'
s Greatest Teams (1957) Spahn and the 1982 TCMA Baseball's Greatest Sluggers Adcock. 

Below you will find Braves from from the 1969 Milton Bradley (almost all of them), which I have already completed the team set, and may have completed the set build. 

Still love these cards. I know I need the 1972 Milton Bradley cards for sure and I think also the one that matches the actual Topps cards, but those are so hard for me to tell them apart so I don't try.

Thanks again Bill and I hope you get to the Jax. show and find some great deals. Meanwhile, Mr. Kearney also sent along an equal amount of non vintage cards, but I only needed 4 of them from 1996 Pinnacle "Above and Beyond" parallels.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Way to go Tom! Nice cards. I always like "Hammerin' Hank". Have a great weekend and Happy New Year everyone!

  2. GREAT Aarons and Spahns. And I always kind of liked Joe Adcock too.

  3. No logos on those Milton Bradley cards!

  4. I've seen the "All Time . . ." for other teams but only with the colorful border, not the white one.

  5. I have a hard time remembering I have needs from the Milton Bradley set, I'm a bad team collector.

  6. More cool stuff....Happy New Year!

  7. I don't know why, but I really like the card design on those All time Braves. Elegant.

  8. The 1977 Renata Galasso photos of Spahn and Aaron are awesome. Might have to dig deeper into that set, because I know I added the Jackie Robinson after falling in the love with that card.

  9. Yay for me!
    Love the Milton Bradley cards. I have '69 Angels, but not the 72.

  10. The '77 Galasso set is such a wonderful one. Some days I think that I'd really like to collect that one, and others I don't want another set to work on.