Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wacky Wednesday Series 15: 1975

 1975 series 15.  I own 18 of the 30 stickers. I also have a checklist and a completed Puzzle.

The puzzle.

Both printings * and ** on the Hack's.

Most stickers have a retail value of $10.00 with the exception of Bloodweiser which is $15.00. However, most can be had a for a few bucks each. 

I do not own any today from the 1976 16th series (original final series) yet. Those are some very pricey stickers.

I do have one set of Topps Old School to show you that will make their debut on this blog next week. It is Old School Series 9 which Topps released online only last year 2020.


  1. That SlaySchool sticker is a bit disturbing.

    I've never seen any of these. Give me the Dynamites!

  2. Dang. Hadn't even thought of Dynamints in thirty-plus years. Gotta love the power of Wacky Packages to stir up old memories.