Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Wacky Wednesday: 1974 series 11

 Getting this post out early this morning before Elsa gets here. First band due any minute.

My 2nd favorite puzzles of the entire first 16 series. 

Another completed set.  Sleepy is the most expensive sticker ($15) (look I got both printing variations...yea me). The 2nd most expensive sticker is Cult 45 ($10). The rest can be had for $4-8.00 which is full price so should be able to find them for a buck or two.

Going to go hunker down to weather this storm. 


  1. A. Stay safe. Hopefully Elsa is more bark, than bite.

    B. I'd love to stumble across that Planet of the Grapes sticker for a buck at a local card show or flea market one day.

  2. Hope the storm's gone by now. ... I must've been over my Wacky phase by this time. The only one I remember is Gulp.

  3. Storm came right on top of us, but was very mild, a little wind with gusts around 40 mph, but for here that is nothing as we get stronger thunder storms daily. It did drop about 6 inches of rain. Besides a little clean up, all good here.

    1. Glad to hear all is well. The Bay Area (actually California as a whole) could use those 6 inches of rain.

    2. That much rain in a couple of hours causes flash floods, might give y'all mudslides.....wouldn't want that to happen. Now, spread it out over a few days I gladly send it your way.

    3. 6 inches of rain in 2 hours = no bueno
      6 inches of rain in 6 days = muy bien