Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Wacky Wednesday: 2020 Topps Old School series 9

 Topps released it's 9th series of Old School Wackys last year during the height of the pandemic. I did not buy the set from Topps. They charge way to much. However, I was able to pick up the full base set online, probably Ebay (I don't remember) for a relatively low cost.

I have no idea why Topps issued these stickers as part of the Old School run. There is nothing about them that resembles the original 16 series of Wackys. As you may know already I decided that 2020 would be the last year of trying to complete any of the "NEW" Topps Wacky releases. I did do they 2020 weekly sets. For 2021 they have gone to on demand only once again, but this time with a monthly release which is better. I'm just not buying it from them. If I see the sets cheap (and I mean cheap) I'll pick those up. I run the checklist and print runs on my excel pages just so I know what is out there should I run across some and I'll know what set it is from. Anyways, this post complete my run of Wacky Packages until I re-do my collection and get them all done up in binders. 

I'll be back to posting some "Wacky" (interesting) baseball cards on Wednesday moving forward.


  1. Yeah, too modern for me. A couple seem promising but in general a whole different vibe than the original Wackys.

  2. The Loonies is my favorite, but I also like Fleshen-Up. I remember chewing Freshen-Up back in the day.