Tuesday, July 13, 2021

My 2021 Stadium Club Braves team set

 Got them all (14).

Eight horizontal and just 6 vertical cards. I prefer vertical (in case you didn't know), and same for the card backs too. Now, to work on the set build. There were no singles or dime/quarter boxes at the last show. There were plenty of boxes, Hobby and retail (flippers). I have yet to find a base set on Ebay, but I check everyday. Well, I take that back, I seen one that was asking $119 bucks. I don't think so. I scooped up a slew on SportLots for .18 each. I can wait until they are cheap.


  1. I like the photo on the Maddux.

  2. That Maddux card is great. Love seeing him not look so stoic...in his own way. Good looking cards and I'll be looking for one myself.

  3. I barely recognized Maddux. Like I know it's him, but he looks different for some reason.