Thursday, July 8, 2021

1967 Topps

 I was able to add quite a few 67's for my set build.

I paid .25 each for these additions.

Among these were 8 upgrades to cards I already had plus 3 others that I needed but will need to be upgraded (those are the ones that are backwards).

All in all made 41 changes on the list (38 removed and 3 marked for upgrade). The 67's made up $10.25 of the total of $40.00 I spent on vintage cards at the show. A good mix that included some high numbers, rookies, and semi-stars.


  1. '67 is the year McCormick won the Cy, but he switched teams.

  2. I have almost all of those, which is something I almost never say when I look at your posts.

  3. Some decent names, for a very decent price!

  4. One of my favorite things about looking at 50's and 60's cards is coming across cards of managers from the 80's. Dick Howser looks so young!

  5. '67s for a quarter, very nice.