Thursday, July 29, 2021

Remember when?

I do.


I remember pulling the redemption for this card way back last year. I registered it/redeemed. I waited and waited and finally after whatever the period was (I think 120 days) went by that I was able to request a replacement and I did so. That seems like it too has been several months ago. 

Low and behold yesterday I found a bubble mailer laying at the door with the original redemption card. Apparently Fed-Ex delivered it which brings me to the point of my post title. I am not one that gets a lot of non post office deliveries, never have been. Not even with Covid did my UPS or Fed-Ex deliveries increase. Nope. My guess is a lot of people have increased their home deliveries since Covid, but even before Covid with Amazon (although they use the post office a lot). Not me. I have had a few from both UPS and Fed-Ex and what I remember is that the delivery person would ask for a signature most times, not always but most of the time. When they didn't they at least knocked on the door or rang the door bell. These days, nada, nothing they drop and leave. At least that has been my experience over the last few years. In fact, last week I got another Fex-Ex package (actually two), t.v. trays (I needed to replace the ones we had). Anyways, last week was storming everyday, pouring down rain. Not only did the driver not knock on the door or ring the bell, they left both boxes sitting at the base of our 30 foot long wheelchair the rain. Why didn't they bring them up the ramp and sit them on the covered porch? Pure shit I say. Either they were sorry excuses of a human being (wasting good oxygen) or they were "offended" by the US. Flag that is always on display (again, wasting oxygen). I remember when customer service was important, and people took pride in their work. Those days at least for now seem to be gone. One day those good things will be back.


  1. That's a great looking card and he has a nice signature.

  2. Not sure if my UPS or Fed-Ex packages increased or decreased during the pandemic. I know I'll receive them from time to time depending on the purchase. As for customer service, it's ridiculous that any delivery person would leave a package in the open while it's raining. I'd take a photo and send it off to the send and Fed-Ex headquarters. The driver is either purposely being a jerk or lacks common sense. Either way, someone needs to explain to him/her the importance of customer service.

  3. That person shouldn't be working that job, it's clearly not for them. I don't get many UPS/FedEX deliveries either, but the drivers here do a thing where if it looks like no ones home, they'll actually walk around to the back of the house and put the package on the back porch. There is no danger of anyone stealing packages out here (too many dogs and guns for that), so this extra effort of theirs isn't really necessary, but it is still very much appreciated nonetheless.