Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Wacky (Baseball cards)

 I threw a bunch of "interesting" baseball cards into a new file last year. They may only be interesting to me, but hey that is what counts right? This is the theme, I ran with for years after I originally posted the original Wacky Package stickers back in 2014. 

Top row: arguing with the ump, tee shirt, and a throwback uniform.
2nd row:  Kid, just wacky looking, working the rosin.
3rd row: Gold cart, notice Harold's logo on card is just about sitting on his jersey logo, same thing for Brook.

I'll try this going for the rest of the year, see how it goes.


  1. Is that McGwire's son? Or just one lucky bat boy?

  2. I remember pulling that McGwire from a pack, thinking how cool that was.

  3. Sean Doolittle is just a wacky guy in general...

  4. Bernie was giving everyone a ticket to the gun show :)