Wednesday, February 3, 2021

More more more

Yes, more Braves. I smile so BIG on the inside (and sometimes on the outside too) when I say that.

Yes, more from Sportlots. It is so easy finding cards that I need there. This too makes me smile inside and out.

Yes, many more Braves are needed. I need a ton of Braves and Sportlots has a bunch of them. My trick is finding the right dealer and then load up. 

the following cards came from multiple sellers.

4 sellers in all here tonight.

I have completed the Chipper highlights base, and now I am just 1 away with the BLUE. #2 I think.

Tomorrow's post will be more Braves, but from just 2 sellers (still 3x the cards you see here).


  1. I keep trying to wrap my head around your Braves collection and just how many different (Braves) cards you have.

    1. That is going to be one of things I hope to get an actual accounting of this year.

    2. I'd love to do the same for my A's (and other team PC's)... but it won't happen until retirement.

  2. Some great looking cards in this lot. Those Chipper Highlight cards look great. Good finds.