Friday, February 26, 2021

Just 1 card

 Tonight, just 1 card to peruse. It is the very last card needed for the 2014 Topps base set.

Yelich completes the base set. I already had a copy of this card, but that card went straight to the CUP binder. I am pleased to knock this one down. Now I just need two cards for the Update set.

DeGrom #50 (I'd like to get both versions x2), and Betts #301.

I promise there will be more than enough cards in tomorrow's post (The Hank Aaron post) to make up for the lack of cards tonight. Be prepared to spend more than a minute here then.


  1. Nice. As for the Degrom's you want two of, I would be extremely happy to land just one!

    1. Trust me, I will be hahe ppy with 1 of either variation of DeGrom for the set build, the complete-ist in me wants the other variant. Then other two would be for the PC.

    2. Me too. I was kinda bummed when I discovered that I didn't have one in my rookie card box.

  2. Congrats on knocking this one out, that's gotta feel good!

  3. Is his stuff still selling for as much as it was a year or two ago?