Thursday, September 13, 2018

Long time coming and a prison break.

I've waited along time to pull the trigger on a needed Braves team set card.

Obviously, I'm not talking about this card. However, it too is being held captive by this plastic prison.

This is the card that was a long time need. 1982 Fleer ALL HRABOSKY, double error card.

Three versions of this card exist: the correct version showing a height of 5'11", the first error/variation showing a 5'1" height, and this one showing the 5'1" but also mis-spelling the Mad Hungarians' name.  This completes the 1982 Fleer Braves team set for me. Now to break these cards out their respective prisons.

No harm, although that cheesy grading no name grading company is off this most definitely is not a Gem Mint 10.

Again, no harm and free, and is most definitely a NM-MT 8.

Have a great night folks!


  1. Grading is so strange...Send the slab labels for grading now!

  2. There went your grandchildrens' college savings funds.

  3. “Free at last, Free at last, Thank the Cardboard Gods they are free at last.”

  4. Some of the random cards I've seen graded are so baffling. When I search for Tino cards and see 1992 Donruss graded, I'll never understand it.