Monday, September 17, 2018

Dime box additions

No, not cards sent from the famous blogger we all know and love "Nick".

These are cards I pulled out of a dime box for my Braves team needs, each and everyone.

After the card show on the first of the month, I ran over to my Buddy's shop "Showtime Sports".

I spent an hour or so flipping through his dimes boxes (just a few Braves), rather quarter boxes but he does 100 for $10.00, so his dime boxes.

As you can see it isn't hard to find cards I need for my Braves team builds.

Of course, I didn't have my "book" with me, and I'm not about to use technology.

I just guess to whether or not I need the card. I wound up pulling just shy of 500 cards. many of which were duplicates because if I thought I needed it for my Braves, then I most certainly would need it for the set build, and a triplicate if it was a PC guy. And all 4 of the guys I pulled are PC guys.

I still have to remove these 60 cards from the website as Braves needs. The rest I have to check to see if they're needed for my set builds, then to stack in the PC .

Moral of the story it is easy to find cards I need. LOL. Then there is always the high dollar cards which my (modern) collection is absolutely lacking. I just can't spend the bucks on cards like that. I want them, but heck I think the most I've paid for an autograph that is currently in my collection is $2.00, most of the autos I paid a quarter for (bulk of course). I did once buy a certified factory issued Mantle autograph, but I wasn't collecting the Mick at that time or autos, so I traded it to my buddy Bob, the dealer in Ocala. Man, that would be nice to have back.

Any regrets like that for any of you?

Have a great week. I'll be heading to ATL to catch the last regular season home game on Sunday!


  1. I have never seen that Andruw Jones Fleer Ultra before, such a great image. And finding that Maddux Gold Rush for a dime was pretty good deal.

  2. When I was younger, I traded a 52T Pafko that was purchased as a gift from my auntie for a 87F Glossy factory set and a few other rookie cards from the era. Gotta be one of the worst trades I've ever made (if not the worst).

  3. Recently I've been lamenting the fact that I traded a '97 Fleer David Ortiz rookie (one of those where his last name is mentioned as Arias) for a bunch of stuff I barely remember. It's one of the best cards I ever found in a dime box, and though I didn't collect Ortiz at the time (I do now) I still wish I would've kept it.