Friday, September 28, 2018

Player Collection

This one should wrap up the the PC cards I picked up 2016 and 2017.

Fernando Valenzuela: 145 different cards.

Dazzy Vance: 5 cards

Arky Vaughn: 3 cards

Mo Vaughn: 215 different cards.

Bill Veeck:  zero cards yet

Justin Verlander: 95 cards.

Rube Waddell: 4 cards

Billy Wagner: 53 cards

Honus Wagner: 45 cards.

Adam Wainwright: 47 cards.

Bobby Wallace: 1 card.

Ed Walsh: 9 cards.

All of the backs are the Ed Walsh you see on the top, just the fronts are different which by my standards make it a different card/sticker.

Lloyd Waner: 14 cards.

Same with these.

Paul Waner: 11 cards.

John Ward: 1 card.

Earl Weaver: 20 cards.

George Weiss: 1 card.

Mickey Welch: 1 card.

Willie Wells:  zero cards yet.

Zach Wheat: 5 cards.

Deacon White: zero card yet.

Sol White: zero cards yet.

Hoyt Wilhelm: 23 cards.

J.L. Wilkinson: zero cards yet.

Billy Williams: 33 cards.

Dick Williams: 3 cards.

Ted Williams: 88 different cards.

Vic Willis: zero cards yet.

Hack Wilson: 15 cards.

Jud Wilson: zero cards yet.

Dave Winfield: 274 different cards.

Tiger Woods: 31 cards (I actually have a bunch back home that still need to be entered)

BTW, Congrats on the Tour Championship win! 

David Wright: 85 cards.

George Wright: 1 card.

Harry Wright: 2 cards.

Early Wynn: 14 cards.

Heck of a photo there.

Carl Yastrzemski: 93 cards.

Tom Yawkey: 1 card.

Cy Young: 39 cards.

each of these 3 cards are different.

I think these are the only variations.

Ross Youngs: 4 cards.

Robin Yount: Is a birthday binder guy and that is next years update.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice seeing Fleer Stickers as part of a player collection. I wonder how many variations there are of that Waner sticker.

    1. Good to know. I've been considering diving into a Fleer sticker master collection... but one of the deterrents is the number of variations out there.