Saturday, September 8, 2018

Shadow Shots

I spy something.....

I see a kangaroo on the run looking back, maybe a scene from Kangaroo Jack.  Just missing the red hoodie.

A cat running away, tail waving in the air.

Okay this shadow is here just because you see 1 on his left leg, and also running down his body. Still, I see a arched doorway (on leg).

A Brontosaurus, I think.

What do you folks see.


  1. Shadow Shots rule! Here's what I spy...

    Neagle - Star Trek enemy ship
    Dibble - turtle
    Rapp - A Pin Mate toy
    Nen - Dinosaur

  2. My turn!

    Neagle: Bull head
    Dibble: ET (if you turn the card 90 degrees to the right)
    Rapp" Keyhole
    Nen: Also see a brontosaurus