Monday, September 24, 2018

Braves Game

We're #1. At least in our division. I did call for the Braves vs. Houston for the Series match up. Just saying. Anyways, the Braves clinched on Saturday and I almost (.0001%) wanted them to lose and clinch on Sunday, but I never want them to lose.

My day started at 4 am. Made the drive up stopping along the way, even having a Cracker Barrel breakfast. My brother and I wanted to tour the Suntrust park as it would be our first visit. We got there at 10.30 and spent an hour walking the outside, then went inside. The Braves won with their 2nd stringers 2:1 which was good. I took a ton of pics and will give y'all the tour tomorrow. 

This is Jim Craig a fellow trader in the OCT (oldcardtraders) group. Jim came down from Delaware and caught 5 Braves games while he was in Atlanta (all wins). One of the highlights of Sunday's game was what Jim brought me.

1955 Topps Warren Spahn and a 1959. 1969 Aaron.  All Braves needs. Sweet!!!!! I now only need card #2 Alou to finish the 69" Braves.

Jim also provided these two Braves which will go towards the set builds.  These cards were a HUGE hit for sure. Jim also brought me a package from another OCT'er who lives in the Atlanta area and attended one of the other games with Jim.

These were all Braves needs too. I love crossing off needs.

Yesterday was the last regular season home game this year, and as such was fan appreciation day. And we could have went on the field for a photo, but opted to tour the inside which y'all will see tomorrow.

Section 42 is where we (Jim, my brother Jack, Jack's friend Gary, my cousin Charlie, and I) were sitting.  Great seats, but alas we seen no action. No Acuna playing the field and no fouls balls our way.

To close out this post I've gotta show off a couple more Braves needs that came from Chris over at Nachos Grande.

Mini's. The Freeman is AG back.  Thanks Chris.

Have a great night!


  1. Wowza. Those are some very nice vintage hookups. I'll be pulling for the Braves over in the National League during this year's playoffs.

  2. great vintage! that's my fave Red card!