Thursday, December 15, 2016

What can $37 at the Flea market get you?

#1: We'll limited to baseball cards.  #2: Going for quantity/quality (in other words, no monster boxes for $5.00, none of that. Although, there are a few million available at that rate just so you know. Come visit, rent a u-haul and take those with you. LOL.

Back to the $37.00 worth of pick-ups from last Friday.

Grabbed 2 of these, one to break up for PCs.

Same here, grabbed 2.

There was only 1 of these, dang it, anyways cool spin card. I p[ut the cards in a plastic case. Easier to store that way.

Minis, which I did already have complete sets, and 2 of the 87 already soI get to break these up for the PCs.

Didn't need these either, but you guessed it, breaking them up.

I was only 2 cards away from completing this set, done, and now can break up the one I was building.

Didn't need these at all, but hey why not.  Does anyone need any?

Mother's Cookies, and yes they are earmarked for you know who, all he has to do is reach out, they are waiting.

Got the whole set, but I broke it up for the Brave, and the PCs. the rest are on their way to a trading buddy.

Tiger Sets, Earmarked too, all she has to do is reach out.



Even got 2 of the one set to break up.

Complete 60 card set.

There are some great players in this box. I had left it on my desk, so I could run the names by you, but I guess I put them up. Oh well. I'll live.

I didn't need these either, yet I still grabbed 2 sets. Do you blame me?

Very nice little sets.

He had a bunch of these, and was selling them at $15.00, Bob just threw it in. Says they book for $30.00.

Okay, I misspoke, these aren't baseball cards. Bo had a few of these sets too. Everyone of them start with card 8. I have no idea what cards 1-7 are. Does anyone out there know?

Yep, put this one with Julie's stack.

Jose goes to the PC, but I may have them already. Will was earmarked.

A Reggie set.

2 of these too.

and these......

 and these.

and these....

only got 1 of these.

and 2 of these.

So you tell me for "Junk Wax years" did I do bad. I hop not, I feel like I got a steal at $37.00. Afterall for the first time all year I haggled with Bob, he wanted $50.00, I countered with $30.00, he countered with $45, I came back with $35, then he at $40.00 then I me at $37, he took it.

I feel like I won something, LOL.


  1. Here's the complete checklist with scans of the Olympic set...

  2. Even though I don't collect baseball I would have paid that to send to other people. So, I think you did a good job with the purchase!

  3. Looks like you hit the oddball jackpot!

  4. Nice finds. You did well in the "Junk wax Era". Enjoy opening all that stuff. :D