Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The End Game and Post #700

Stealing (borrowing) a headline from BWTP recent post about the latest package from JBF.

Not that the last of the Jeters even comes close to that. Just marking the end of something long overdue. These are the last 7 scans from the Jacksonville Jeter pickups.

I didn't even realize I had got a relic card. I don't remember looking at it, let alone scanning it. I'll have to go dig it out.

Yes, I did already scan the Blue Oreo card before. Oops, but at least it looks good sitting next to the Red one.

Ahhhhh. Done. Perfect for post #700. So in the end I managed to beef up the Jeter binder (well once I put them in there). I still have put them in the excel list and then into the book. Many of the 585 cards were inserts so those are a no brainer for the PC, the rest will have to be checked against the set build needs eventually.

Have a fantastic tomorrow!