Thursday, December 22, 2016

Several in one

To get things rolling on the cards I got in over the last week I put a couple of them together in one post.

Up first is package from Gavin.  Pretty sure I need this one. I just scanned 90% of the cards that came in and haven't checked against any lists. I know I needed this one now.

This one too.

Gavin also sent a hit to my Trophy Cup needs.

And a card for the Miller binder and one for the Names binder, but I'm pretty sure I have Moore (different card of course)

Defgav even found a card of me. See the resemblance

This custom card has me stumped. Gavin glued an 89 Donruss on the other side. He numbered it to just 25 copies. Dilemma, I've never had a Rip Card, and you can tell there is something inside. Do I rip it, and destroy the custom, or do I go for what's inside?

This duo came from Trevor over at Bump & Run cards as you can see on the Christmas note.

And one more package from Don Roth of OCT.

Don sent 30 hits to my 1976 Set build. I obviously will put that Bevacqua in the Bubble Gum binder so I still need one more of those.