Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not quite a dime

By now you folks know that I've been splitting my time from home and in Georgia which makes it hard to get all of the posts in that I want to. The last 2 weeks I left early on Saturday morning, so both weeks I stopped by and seen my buddy Bob at the flea market on Friday. tonight's post came from 2 weeks ago and I'll do the other one tomorrow.

I would up coming home with 145 cards that included 12 doubles by mistake.

I spent $13.00

Just a fraction below a dime a piece.

I grabbed up cards for the PC's and for my set builds.

I feel happy at a dime a piece for these. What are your thoughts? Tomorrow is a little different story.


  1. Thoughts? '84 Fleer! '84 Fleer! '84 Fleer!

  2. Man, would jump on those Brett, Piazza, Wright, and Carter cards (apart from a couple Carter's I already own) at ten cents each!

  3. My mind is playing tricks on me. Is it possible that the Perez, Rose, & Morgan card has eluded me the past 32 years. I don't think I've ever seen this card... which makes absolutely zero sense... since I own this set.