Friday, December 9, 2016

Dave & Adams

I got my D & A order in last week, or was it the week before? I have CRS.. Anyways I ordered a bunch of stuff on Black Friday. Just enough to get the free shipping. What did I get? How about 4 boxes of 2013 Triple Play? No, didn't sway you, shucks. I already shown the Optic cards I pulled from that box. Let's see what else I got. A box of Home Town Heroes, promoting 3 autos in the box.

Only showing the inserts/parallels, etc....Only the Dykstra is definitely in the trade boxes, possibly Herzog gold parallel too.

Ryan, Ripken, and Reggie (black parallel) are keepers. As are the Jeter (Gold parallel) and Ryno.

A pair of Zipcodes.  Gwynn (gold parallel) & Goose are keepers.

State parallels. Probably keep the LaRussa, the others are in the trade boxes.

Two SPs (one a Braves card) and Four autos. Not 3 but 4.

And of course the Chips/discs. 3 of the 4 are keepers, although all 4 should be.

More from D & A another day.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on pulling a 4th autograph! I picked up a box of this stuff at my wholesaler on Thursday. Looking forward to busting it either today or tomorrow.

  2. I picked up 3 boxes from DA and decided to go for the set. Are the SPs up for trade? If you are looking to complete your set I have some base to trade. Congrats on getting the 4th auto, that happened in one of my three boxes as well.

  3. I haven' seen that Ryno nickname card. I'll definitely have to score myself a copy of that one.
    Oh, and I like how Jesse Barfield added his number inside the J of his auto. Very nice touch.