Thursday, December 22, 2016


Quite often on the OCT (old card traders) message board, someone puts up free cards they call them waiver wire which really means "no return necessary" although I wind up sending some return fire.

All of the cards in today's post came from Bob D'Angelo from OCT off the waiver. This is just a small fraction of the 2016 Topps Update he sent. Put a dent in that needs list for sure.

The same thing with these 2016 A & G.  Put a HUGE dent in this set build.

Bob even sent me his doubles on minis and inserts. I already put away the keepers so these are available for trade.

Same here other than the Mays, that one is a keeper.

That first card is a Holiday Topps Chrome card. Bob aklso sent me  the A & G Baseball Legends inserts, but I quickly placed them in the keeper stack (I didn't scan them).

And sent about a hundred of the High Numbers too. Another HUGE dent. All in all there must have been 6-700 cards. Wow!

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  1. That Ginter Natural Wonders set is really beautiful. Kudos to Topps for producing it. And kudos to generous collectors who giveaway free cards like these.