Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Thank Yous

First let me send a HUGE thank you to my daughter Christy for the very early birthday/Christmas presents. I will be probably still be messing with those 100K cards she got me all year long.

Second thanks goes out to Ray of the blog All Cardinals All the Time. Ray sent over some very shiny stuff.

My first Bowman is Back Brave.

As a kid Matthews, Horner, Murphy, and for awhile Burroughs were the MEN as far as I was concerned. It didn't matter that the Braves would finish in last place.  Turns out that Gary was the next door neighbor to one of my Aunts (when he played in Atlanta), you know the guy even cut his own HUGE lawn.  Super nice guy.


Chrome insert  Scouting Report..

A few vertical on card autographs.

2 more refractors.

A horizontal on card autograph.

3 more refractors.  Thanks Ray. Now that I have re-upped my trade BOXES, I will be able to put together another box of Cardinals for you.

And the last thanks for today goes out to Doug F from OCT.

Doug sent me some 1978 Tastee Freeze Discs.  He included 4 or 5 of each of the above. Those will be going into the back of the TmT Box, except for the ones I already ear marked for people.

Thanks again all, Have a great weekend. See ya Saturday with some Shadow Shots!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed them. Heading to Fan Fest over the weekend, maybe I can find a few more for you.