Friday, July 24, 2015

FRANKEN-FRIDAY: Update on the next Franken-Set

Well, it most definitely won't be January when I start posting the New "Franken-Set" (Jersey Numbers Edition). Why you ask? Way too easy, in fact I've had to tweek it a bit. I have most of the pre-50s done already either completed or near complete. The tweeking came in using only dupes and trying my hardest to not use the same card set on any one (front) page, and also not using the same team on any one page. Again, not perfect but I am trying really hard. This is a lot more FUN than I thought it would be. I can continuously update it too.  Yeah me... A lot of the pages already have a second page, and four have broken into a third, but I am storing those cards in a box. Many players have the same jersey number but with different teams which helps, so I store those in the back of the front card. I was able to do this much with just the dupes from a couple dozen sets. I can only imagine what it would be like if I had all of those boxes emptied and sorted. After, emptying the first 10 boxes, and stacking them all over. I haven't put a dent in them. Seriously, about 2 dozen sets, sorted so far with at least 200 more sitting in those stacks to be sorted. I am at a point where I just want to empty the remaining boxes and then resume sorting. There are some really cool sets or rather partial sets and most of them look to be near complete. IE: So far only 1 Jeter that I remember seeing. The sets range from Finest, Gold label, obviously Flagship everything, from 80s to 2012, with a handful of 70s and 2013 with a 2015 slipped in here and there.  Lots of Stadium club and Ultra. Even found a handful of Topps Tribute and other high end sets.  Well, no scans today just wanted to give the blog world an update and let you know Franken Friday will return soon.

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