Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Highly Subjective & Completely Appreciated cards

I mentioned a couple of days ago about a bubble mailer Brian (HS &CA) had mailed me in addition to a PWE. Well here are just a few of the highlights.

1971 Topps Coin  Rico baby!

AHHHHHHH, finally got one.  Need 1 more...

2015 Archives.

1978 TCMA the 60s, Didn't even know I was missing this one, but I was.....

Framed Bronze Foil.

Another Framed, but in the form of a mini relic card.

A relic bat card of Andruw, serial numbered none the less to 199. If you look in the card center you can see it.

Brian continued to blow me away with the cards in this package.

A very Exquisite card indeed. Much appreciated Brian. I'm gonna get ya!

Just a side not here. I will not be posting Friday-Sunday. Well, Monday depending on how I feel when I get back home.


  1. Great! I really like those Exquisite Imagery cards too - I found it looking for something to repay you for the two Alexi Casilla autos you sent my way.

    1. Those Casillas' were repayment for the Bowman Inception you sent me.

  2. The D Evans auto is pretty sweet.. Love the 71 coins