Monday, July 13, 2015

Jersey Numbers

I could have titled this Monday Mini Madness, but I didn't. Duh. One of my handful of mini collections that has just been sitting around in a very very small box is my run of MLB Jersey Numbers. About a year or so ago, I posted them and we made it to # 73 before I hit a number without a card. Well, I haven't really updated that "set", and now I plan on using it for next years Franken-Set. I did the research, and found that I can grab a few that I was missing (sitting in my cart at Just Commons, he owes me a refund of $8.05, and I am waiting until I get it before closing another order).  And of course there are a few without any cards at all, but hey 2015 added a few. Just need to be a little patient and those 5 Jerseys will eventually show up. Meanwhile, I plan on building a page for each # (00-0, 1-99) with as many different players showing the number preferably on the card front, and for those that lack sufficient player count like 1, or worse 1 from the 1923, well maybe I can get one of you creative artsy bloggers to fill the page. Anyways, I am giving myself the remainder of the year to get it well started. shouldn't be much of a problem as the first 68 jersey #s have from 49-860 different players excluding 0 which is 16, and 00 which has 20). After that it gets a bit tricky.

Here are the starters.

Shouldn't be much of a problem to get the 9 different front sided cards for 1-8.

Here is that breakdown: 1 (440), 2 (579), 3 (584), 4 (493), 5 (538), 6 (605), 7 (666), and 8 (593).

1923 Cardinals sport the first Jersey numbers on MLB uniforms, at least as far as I can tell.  Nice mix of cards above too.

When I begin showcasing this new Franken-Set in January, Each number will also have the data with it, like above plus who wore it first. I have that info now, but that will take away from the theme.

Hey that is the second appearance for Bo already. I knew that.  another good mix of product.

By doing a full page of each number, I will get the chance to highlight some of the more well known guys too.  Okay Marky Mark funked up the run of pages without duplicate sets on A page.

What, you hadn't noticed there weren't any Braves yet.  did you see Mr. carter has 2 of this page.

It's very apparent what set I had the most dupes of when putting these together.

Another good mix.

Still no Braves.

Had plenty of the 1998 Fleer back then.

Wow, no Braves in the starting line-up. We'll have to fix that along the way.


  1. This is a great project. Might need to steal this idea and do this using A's and Padres players.

    1. I guess if you only used the available jersey #s for those teams, should work out just fine partner. **** that was my John Wayne impression, guess it doesn't come out the same in print.******

  2. This is a great idea for a frankenset. Baseball-reference has a pretty good archive for jersey numbers if you haven't seen it already.

    1. been there, done that. lol. got the data all saved up (written down too, I've no idea why I did that).

  3. This is a great idea for a Frankenset!
    73 - Ricardo Rincon
    74 - Kenley Jansen

    some of the higher numbers can be guys that reversed their regular number once they went to a new team. Kenny Rogers wore 73 for the Mets one year, not sure if that's on cardboard or not. Eddie Guardado had 81 for a couple seasons in Cincinnati...

    1. 13 guys wore #73, 5 wore #74, 10 wore #75, 8 wore #76, 24 wore #77, only 1-3 for the rest until #99 which had 14