Saturday, July 11, 2015


It has been awhile since I posted to this theme, but we should be good for some time in the near future.  For those unfamiliar with the theme, basically I look at the shadows on cards and see if I can see "something else" and others are just great shadow shots.

It has been over a year, and a very depleted card selection which was fully restocked last weekend.
Most are new and some are being revisited but probably with a different view this time.

I see a moose head, maybe its Bullwinkle.

This is just one of those great Shadow Shots. You have 2 of them.

Okay either a squid or octopus with only the front legs in view. Maybe a jellyfish.

A mean looking lizard.

A hawk maybe, something feathered and flying for sure.

After I did these first ones I mixed up the stack I scanned so that there aren't but a couple from any particular set, other than 1 more which is well you'll see it when we get to it.


  1. I definitely see a kangaroo on the Scott Sanders card.

  2. Good stuff.. always like checking out the shadows you got.

  3. A mean looking lizard...that's awesome!